Inauguration of inlet air cooling systems of Mashhad power plant

The cooling systems of the air inlet of the gas turbines of Mashhad Power Plant were opened today at a ceremony with the authorities of the power industry and Khorasan Razavi province.

Reza Shiran Khorasani, the head of Khorasan province's parliamentary assembly in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, in the inauguration of the air cooling system of the gas turbines in Mashhad Power Plant, said: "One of the country's serious injuries is the low productivity rate. We have grown in the field of investment, but have not had a good growth in productivity. Resistance economy means internal attention and optimal use of the interior and increased productivity, and we are pleased that a project at this plant will be opened with the goal of increasing efficiency.

Following him, Mustafa Yaghoubi, CEO of Mashhad Power Generation Company, referred to the implementation projects of Power company of Mashhad since autumn 95, said: "The competitive sector is in today's electricity market and there is a competitive atmosphere between power plants in the country." Of course, a power plant that wants to stay in the energy cycle requires some prediction and should have periodic maintenance and optimization projects. If these programs are implemented, the output will be achieved in the form of reduced emergency exit rates and energy sustainability.

"In this project, the EPC, the engineering stages, the installation of evaporative coolers and the reservoir of water during the 73-day period from the time of contracting with the contractor, has been carried out in connection with the project to cool the air entering the gas turbines of the Mashhad power plant. The result of this project was an increase in production, with a forecast of 6.5 megawatts, but in practice this increased output to 10 megawatts. The reduction of turbine and particulate matter has also been the result of this project.

Yaghoubi emphasized that the implementation of the project in units G11 and G12 has led to an increase in production by an average of 16% per unit.

Mehdi Ghodousi, the chairman of the board of directors of Mashhad Power company, referring to the cooperation of the Mashhad power plant with engineering and services company for carrying out the project, said: "These capacities will be attractive for utilizing systems." The calculation of the unit's practical power in the Ministry of Energy's report is the ratio of practical capacity to nominal capacity of power plants and is 74, which in the past was 65 for us, but today as a result of this cooperation this capacity has reached 90%.

The head of the board of directors of Mashhad Power Generation Company added: The progress of the Mashhad power plant is the result of a team work. Typically, all sets were involved in each process, and it can be said that these types of activities have been targeted to reduce the time of project implementation.

Ali Nikbakht, Managing Director of TABA Engineering and Services Co., pointed out that the project was aimed at realizing the strength of the economy of production and employment: in the implementation of this project, it has been attempted to utilize the technical capacity of engineering, indigenous capacities and valuable international experience with the focus on entrepreneurship and the development of knowledge economy will be the basis for maximizing productivity.

The complexity of the project in the design phase of construction and implementation was due to the special circumstances and old age of the power plant, as well as a tangible commitment to guarantee the return on client's capital.

Nikbakht continued: Generally, the average increase in power from the implementation of the system at the power plant in Mashhad was 4 megawatts more than the contractual obligation. The efficiency of evaporative coolers has been above 93%. The direct employment generated by this project is 2,735 people with a share of 98% of local employment.

Gholamreza Mehrdad, General Director of the Office of Support and Supervision of the Production of Thermal Power, in an opening ceremony of the entrance to the turbine cooling system of Mashhad power plant said: Last year, our consumption in the country was 52700 megawatts, which this year has reached to more than 55,000 megawatts. A hard work must be done on managing the consumption, but in any case you need to answer the need for consumption.

He stated: Mashhad power plant is a special power plant, because it has a unique function despite its old existence. This power is owed to those who have had the right working culture. In one industrial unit, each team will have a footprint for the plant's lifetime. There were virtually three large projects at the plant this year that came about very quickly.

He spoke to the media project and expressed satisfaction with the implementation of the project before the peak of the summer as well as the results of increased power at the plant. The electricity industry is a great service because it directly relates to the people, for example, the increase in production from the project Media of Mashhad power plant has prevented the power cut of about 15,000 households in the peak network consumption in the summer.

Mehrdad referred to the supreme Leader's orders regarding the identification of beneficial economic activities and economic chains: Mashhad's media plan is in the context of a resilient economy. An important feature of this project is that it will be generating electricity at a much lower cost and time.

Mehrdad said: "The cost and time spent on these types of projects is about 10 percent of the purchase of capacity, which is the main advantage of these projects. At the highest temperatures, this system has the highest efficiency, which is also an advantage. The social cost of power outage is much higher than the cost of generating electricity, and this shows the sensitivity of these schemes.

On the sidelines of the ceremony, Ali Azizi, director of the project on cooling air at the power plant of Mashhad announced that the implementation of all phases of engineering, supply, construction and installation in less than 3 months required detailed planning and also observance of the principles of project management.

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