reconstruction, upgrading, and rehabilitation

Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) Services of reconstruction, upgrading, and rehabilitation of Power Plant, Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical equipment

Generally, power plants over 25 years old need reconstruction, rehabilitation, and upgrading not only to prevent losses due to reduction in net power output, power generation efficiency drop, and emergency exit of units due to equipment burnout, but also to reduce the level .of contaminants to the accepted regional and global level. Currently, 10 percent of power plants in Iran are over 40 years old, and 61 percent are less than 20 years old. Therefore, the following services are on the agenda of TABA Compan

  • Rehabilitation: recovery and upgrading (about 15%) of power plant efficiency without replacing or adding new power generators and only by identifying and removing weaknesses and replacing higher efficiency equipmen.
  • Repowering: replacing part or whole equipment of a worn-out plant with new equipment and generators, aiming to improve power and efficiency and reduce environmental pollutants.
  • Upgrading: increasing the net power output and power generation efficiency by improving power generating equipment such as turbines, generators, and boilers, which are generally recommended by major equipment manufacturers in the form of upgrading packages.


Service Projects

Engineering and manufacturing of shell, ring and blades stage 1-6 LP and 16-32 IP of Siemens steam turbine of Lowshan power plant


Rehabilitation and Reengineering and Reverse engineering Siemens steam turbine blades and rings