Water consumption optimization

Water and energy consumption optimization, recycling and storage systems, and water treatment plants

These services include design, evaluation, and feasibility study, supply, installation, and operation of solar, wind, hydro, water treatment, and energy recovery systems from various systems:

  • Complete design, construction, and execution of soft and demin water treatment plants
  • Design, construction, and execution of aboveground and underground tanks for the storage of raw and clean water from concrete or glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) types
  • Design and implementation of WHR systems including S-ORC & HRSG, SRC, ORC
  • Design and implementation of solar and wind systems including Hybrid bus station, Solar water heater, Hybrid street lights
  • Design and implementation of water turbines including Smart mono-float and Smart free stream
  • Design and implementation of Sundrop systems
  • Design and implementation of hybrid systems
  • Ability to design and build Eco city

Service Projects

Design, engineering, and implementation of raw and clean water concrete tank


Engineering, procurement, and execution of reverse osmosis water treatment system