Unveiling of knowledge-based product “casing with stationary vanes and rotary blades of steam turbine of Shahid Beheshti Lowshan power plant”

The indigenous knowledge-based product "casing with stationary vanes and rotary blades of the 120 MW steam turbine" which is going to be used in the Shahid Beheshti Power Plant in Lowshan was unveiled with the presence of the head of the Presidential Innovation and Prosperity Fund.

According to TABA Public Relations, this product of the knowledge-based "TABA Engineering and Service Co." was presented on saturday, May 20, on the sidelines of the 27th International Oilshow Exhibition in the presence of Mohammad Sadegh Khayatian ‘the head of the innovation and prosperity fund’ and Ali Issapour ‘the director general of the technology and localization office of Thermal Power Plants Holding Co. (TPPH)’.

After visiting this product, Dr. Mohammad Sadeq Khayatian, said to reporters: “In recent years, in the field of participation of knowledge-based companies in large-scale industrial projects, very good measures have been taken, one of which is the abandonment of public sector tender procedures for The productivity of the products and services of knowledge-based companies is done with the permission of the Supreme Leader and the approval of the upstream institutions”.

The head of the innovation and prosperity fund in another part of his speech clarified: “The problem of reconstruction does not end only with reverse engineering, even most companies can achieve product design and production after the reconstruction process. So far, the innovation fund aims to expand this knowledge of reconstruction and design in the country has had many support programs. In the field of knowledge-based products, such as what the "TABA" knowledge-based company has restructured, if the demands are aggregated, the innovation fund is ready to support knowledge-based companies that can redesign various tools and equipment”.

Dr. Ali Issapour ‘the director general of the technology and localization office of TPPH’ on the sidelines of this unveiling, emphasized that the complex affairs and engineering process of this super project included various stages and phases: “due to the lack of easy access to the real designers and sufficient documents, the added value of completing this project will multiplies”.

He added: “the Stationary and Rotary shell and blades of the 120 MW Shahid Beheshti Lowshan power plant with a nominal speed of 3000 rpm, an inlet temperature of 530 degrees Celsius and an inlet pressure of 120 bar have been completely engineered and produced by the manufacturer. Actions such as reverse engineering in the field of materials, measurement in different ways, analysis of existing documents and assembly conditions, modeling and analysis of parts and turbines, use of correct standards and appropriate manufacturing methods are among the valuable activities that this company has been carried out relying on the young manpower and the proficiencies of experienced managers and has led to the total internal reconstruction of the said turbine”.

Isapour continued: “Today we witnessed the unveiling of a product that was produced for the first time in the country by the experts of one of the knowledge-based companies. This product is related to a steam turbine that was suspended for many years in one of the country's power plants, because its equipment was not usable and it had to be reused by its foreign manufacturer. However, thanks to the efforts of an Iranian knowledge-based company, today we have reproduced this strategic product and have been able to put this blade into operation and the mentioned power plant can use it in the near future”.

Engineer Ali Nikbakht, CEO of TABA engineering and service company and chairman of the board of the Iranian power plant trade association (ASNA power plant), said about this achievement: “The project that the knowledge-based company TABA is abled to achieve is the localization and construction of the "Stationary and Rotary shell and blades of the steam turbine" that is part of steam turbines and is used in power plants”.

He added: “This project has been started since 18 months ago. We had the shell temporarily, but we reconstructed parts of it because the shell was completely destroyed, so we designed the product from the beginning and modeled it from the parts”.

The CEO of this knowledge-based company emphasized: “In the process of renovating this product, we held about 120 two-hour technical meetings for evaluation and necessary checks. When construction phase started, complex cases including casting of various alloys and very complex weldings were used”.

Nikbakht stated: “This super project is a steam turbine of 6,000 pieces, which after renovation and installation can provide electricity to more than 10,000 households per day”.

It is worth mentioning that the Shahid Beheshti Power Plant in Lowshan was put into operation in 1351. This complex is one of the thermal power plants with a production capacity of 360 MW and includes 2 gas units of 60 MW and 2 steam units of 120 MW.

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