Interview of TABA knowledge-based engineering and services CEO at the continuous exhibition for achievements of knowledge – based companies of the presidential scientific deputy

The domestic researchers, with the optimization and rehabilitation approach of power plants, have been developing steam turbine shells, along with fixed blades, by reengineering method.

According to the public relations and notices department of the presidential science and technology deputy, the old steam power plants still active in the national grid are sometimes not well-off due to oldness and depreciation. These plants have a significant deviation from the original designed efficiency. On the other hand, burnout and defects in some of the main parts of the power plant are the main causes of this decline in efficiency. On this basis, TABA knowledge based engineering and Services Company, has been trying to optimize and rehabilitate power plants units to increase the efficiency of the old ones.

Ali Nikbakht, CEO of TABA Engineering & Services Co., said that with successive attempts in building steam turbine shells, along with fixed blades by re-engineering method, said: With the help of "Rehabilitation" technology, using the knowledge of the day, power equipment, Supplying spare parts and, of course, utilizing the design and reengineering processes, the main parts of the power plant, are optimized.

By announcing the status of Lowshan Shahid Beheshti Power Plant Nikbakht said: this power plant with a rated capacity of 360 MW has two steam units with a total capacity of 240 megawatts. Over nearly five decades of continuous activity of this power plant, the turbines are not in proper operational condition and also turbine blades and shells have been fatigued over time. Therefore, due to the lack of support from the foreign manufacturer of power plant equipment in competitive conditions, with the presence of domestic and foreign competitors, TABA Engineering & Services Co., was chosen as a rehabilitation contractor.

Manufacturing Engineering Processes

The engineering phase of the project includes the steps of measuring the dimensions of used parts and estimating their initial dimensions, analyzing and determining the metallurgical properties of blades and rings, providing 3D models and manufacturing drawings, making quality control instructions and compiling knowledge of casting, simulation, melting and vibration analysis.

Referring to the fundamental challenge in the project, he said: "The lack of technical specifications and access to a sample of the components was a major challenge, which was, of course, facilitated during time and by major overhauls and engineering documentation. It was also carried out with the goal of reducing vibrations, reengineering and improving design on fixed blades.

The technology activist stated: In the course of this research project, the engineering and technical team of TABA Company, in cooperation with the New Technologies Institute of Amir Kabir University of Technology, has developed the required technical knowledge.

Manufacturing Process

Pointing out that the construction phase of the project began with the development of fume shell designs as well as aluminum foam molds, said after the construction of the models, casting operations were carried out under the supervision of this company and in domestic capable plants.

He added that the greatness of the shells, the volume of molten material, the control of mechanical properties, the grain size and the shape of the metallurgical structure, had a special significance in the project.

CEO of TABA Engineering and Services Co., referring to the technical specifications of the research project, stated: "Machining of shells, despite their large dimensions, should be done with proper care. Of course, internal experts have well done the process of machining blades and shrouds by using precision machines.

Assembly Process

Nikbakht with pointing to the assembly phase and the main challenge after the production of shells stated that: In this part of the research work, the blades were assembled on the respective shells as well as the shrouds on the blades, which was done with extensive care and Eventually, the crust fitted to the blade and shrouds, in conjunction with the power plant's specialists on the steam turbine shell, was installed.


This technology activist said that the implementation of all engineering phases in the construction and assembly of the project was done within less than five months and this was achieved only through the precise planning and management of the project as well as the pursuit of the employer's supervisory apparatus, as well It is safe to say that by implementing this knowledge-based project, the power of the steam generating unit of Lowshan Shahid Beheshti power plant has been renamed after rehabilitation.

According to this report, TABA knowledge-based company, with the cooperation of more than 20 domestic industrial plants, related laboratories and universities, was able to take a safe step towards the realization of the objectives of the resistance economy, production and employment. We hope that the successful implementation of this project will be able to expand the culture of rehabilitation in other power plants as an effective example.

According to this report, the ongoing exhibition of the achievements of knowledge-based companies, with the goal of culture, promotion and support of scholarly achievements, is being held in the presidential office of the Science and Technology deputy.

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